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Glock 17 Gen 5 9mm Pistol Range Test Results for each of my 10 Criteria: 1. Accuracy and Reliability - Score: 9. The accuracy of the G17 Gen 5 was very acceptable for me at distances of 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 yards, given my aging eyesight and average shooting skills. My rapid-fire groups at the closeup distances of 5, 7, and 10 yards averaged. #JustinOpinion #GunReview You can support the Justin Opinion Channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/JustinOpinion? The Justin Opinion Channel promo..

The New Glock 17 & 19 Gen 5: 5th Time's a Charm Recently, Glock has been introducing new handguns and configurations to the market which have generally been a welcome addition. Within just the last few years we have seen the G42 .380 and G43 9mm single stack pistols, the FS model with forward or front serrations, and of course the Modular. GLOCK 17 5th Gen 9mm PARA samonabíjecí, nové provedení - pátá generace, v černé barvě + orig. kufr na zbraň, základní nylonový kartáč, dva zásobníky na 17 ran, 2 výměnné gripy pro lepší úchop. ZÁRUKA 40 TIS VÝSTŘELŮ, NEBO 4 ROKY. Ráže 9×19 Délka závěru 186 mm Výška 139 mm Šířka 34 mm Vzdálenost mezi. The Glock 17 Gen 5 offers the newest innovation from Glock in the proven design of the iconic Glock 17, available now through GlockStore.com Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser The fifth time is a charm when it comes to the Glock 17 Gen 5 for sale at Omaha Outdoors. An updated frame design which includes customizable backstraps and removal of the finger grooves on the grip, a flared magwell and front frame cutout, a more substantial and reversible magazine catch as well as an ambidextrous slide stop lever, elevate the G17 Gen 5 to a new dimension in performance

GLOCK Gen5 pistols are the latest examples of GLOCK'S constant pursuit of perfection. Gen5 pistols feature over 20 design modifications from their Gen4 predecessors, including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the removal of finger grooves and a flared mag-well. These changes deliver improved accuracy. Every GLOCK Gen5 pistol model allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit the individual hand size and comes with two sizes of backstraps in two different shapes. The backstraps are easily changed and secured to the frame with a single pin offering the following options: a short frame (SF) version, a medium (M) and a large (L. The new frame design of the GLOCK 17 Gen 5 removed the finger grooves for more versatility but still allows to easily customize its grip by using the different back straps. A flared mag-well and a cutout at the front of the frame give the user more speed during reloading when fractions of a second matter. A reversible enlarged magazine catch, changeable at user level as well as the ambidextrous s This new Glock 17 Gen 5 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in the 9mm round. This gun features a 4.5 barrel and an FDE finish. Comes with hardcase, lock, manual, 3 17-round maga..

California passed two burdensome laws for handgun manufacturers. One was that any model to be sold had to send the state a few examples to be used in destructive drop-safety testing. Then, they passed a law requiring that any new model sold there. I shot along side my brother with his G17 Gen 4, with a very nice trigger. I must say, the Gen 4 was my favorite until I got the 5th Gen in my hand. I REALLY like what Glock has done with the 5th generation of the 17. Bigger magwell, front cocking serrations and imho, a better grip angle. And, this Glock was dead on right outta the box

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CONTACT INFO. GlockStore.com; 4770 Ruffner St. San Diego, CA 92111; TEL: 800-601-8273; FAX: 858-569-0505; Customer Service ; Telephone Hours; Monday thru Friday; 8am. Glock Gen 5 was announced at the 2017 SHOT Show, and has yet only yielded a few pistols. At the time of this writing, current offerings are the Glock 17 Gen 5, Glock 19 Gen 5, Glock 26 Gen 5, and the Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS, Glock 17 MOS and Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS pistols, which have a removable mounting plate should the user wish to install a red dot.

GLOCK 17 5th Gen FS 9mm PARA samonabíjecí, nové provedení - pátá generace, v černé barvě + orig. kufr na zbraň, základní nylonový kartáč, dva zásobníky na 17 ran, 2 výměnné gripy pro lepší úchop. ITEM: 47659. GLOCK Front Serrations! Přední drážky závěru (FS) zlepšují možnosti manipulace pistolí Glock The Future of Glock Is Now: Why 5th Generation Glock Guns Are Everything by Gun News Daily Now regardless of what you personally think of the Glock Gen 5, one thing is undeniable: it is the future.

Glock Marksman Barrel. Additionally, after examining the Glock 17 Gen 4 vs. Gen 5 and the Glock 19 Gen 4 vs. Gen 5, I got the impression that many of these updates were more about being new not necessarily about being better.For example, the popular semi-auto manufacturer opted for a two pin system instead of the more traditional single locking block pin in addition to giving the new. Der Preis für die Glock 17 Gen5 beträgt in Deutschland 759,- Euro, die Glock 19 Gen5 geht ebenfalls für 759,- Euro über die Ladentheke. Ab Kalenderwoche 38 liefert GLOCK die Volumenmodelle G17 und die kompakte G19 in Europa als Generation 5 aus. Andere Modelle werden nach Angaben von GLOCK sukzessive folgen

Pistole GLOCK 17 Gen5 FS 9mm BLACK. Pistole samonabíjecí GLOCK 17 5th Gen FS 9mm PARA samonabíjecí, nové provedení - pátá generace, v černé barvě + orig. kufr na zbraň, základní nylonový kartáč, dva zásobníky na 17 ran, 2 výměnné gripy. Glock 19 Gen5. The most popular GLOCK pistol of all time is now available with the numerous improvements that define the Gen 5 pistol line. The versatility of the G19 is further enhanced in its fifth generation while also preserving the dependability it is known for. View on us.glock.com

This is a factory 17-round magazine for Gen 5 Glock 17 pistols in 9mm These full-size, full capacity Generation 5 Glock 17 magazines deliver trademark Glock reliability with upgraded high-visibility followers and curved baseplates. Glock's Generation 5 pistols evolve on perfection to deliver improved functionality and rugged reliability. From their flared magazine wells, re-textured. Glock vs. Sig Sauer: Glock 17 vs. P226 (Which Gun Is Better?) Dimensionally the two handguns enjoy the lead in various areas. The P226 is shorter but wider, whereas both guns' barrel lengths are almost identical. The Glock weighs two ounces less than the all-metal Sig fully loaded while fitting two more rounds in the magazine Glock gen 5 17 19 upgrade parts accessories. Upgrade, replace and accessorize your Glock Gen 5 pistol with our huge selection of drop-in upgrades and custom accessories. We specialize in developing our own aftermarket Glock Gen 5 parts that are lightweight, durable and cost-effective Compare prices for Glock Gen 5 17 9MM PA1750203 from all vendors from Wikiarms.com. Firearms only. Powered by Wikiarms.com. Glock Gen 5 17 for sale (0 user posted deals found) Filter. Sort by. Refine search. Close Reset. Stores: Calibers: Brands: Categories: Search title only. Hide OOS and expired deals.

The Glock 17 is in its 5th Generation and there are numerous submodels available. This includes optic's ready models and special edition guns designed by specific firearms instructors. While the Glock 17 was the first pistol that legitimized the striker-fired polymer pistol, they are most certainly not in a niche market anymore 17 +1 (9mm Luger) 19 +1 (9mm Luger) 24 +1 (9mm Luger) 31 +1 (9mm Luger) 33 +1 (9mm Luger Introducing the GLOCK 17 Gen5 and GLOCK 19 Gen5 pistols. GLOCK Gen5 pistols are the latest example of GLOCK's constant pursuit of perfection. Gen5 pistols feature over 20 design modifications from their Gen4 predecessors. These changes deliver improved accuracy, durability, performance, control, and flexibility GLOCK Introduces the Long-Awaited 5th Generation of Perfection. U.S.A. --(AmmoLand.com)-GLOCK has announced plans to expand the Gen 5 pistols to include .40 caliber pistols. This is good news.

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Glock just released three new models to flesh out the 9mm line! They are the G45 and Gen 5 versions of the G19 MOS, and G17 MOS. A very limited number of folks were able to try out these new heaters from Glock before they hit the shelves.. Now luckily you, the faithful readers of Pew Pew Tactical will be in the know What kind of ammo you run is pretty much up to you and this question is not really Glock specific unless you somehow think Glock rounds are different then any other. The Glock 17 shoots a 9MM Luger round same as any other handgun manufacturers tha.. The Glock 17 (Gen 3) is a standard frame 9mm pistol that is standard issue for many law enforcement officers and military personnel all over the world due to its accuracy, reliability, low weight, and large magazine capacity. The G17 and compact 9mm G19 Glock models are by far the most popular among Glock enthusiasts and offer the most. The P80 is a throwback to the original Glock 17 Gen 1 type pistol chambered in 9x19mm with original Gen 1 frame and stippling and Gen 2 / Gen 3 internals. The Glock 18, chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum, fitted with a detachable shoulder stock and being fired in fully automatic mod

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  1. ate the gun market. And with good reason, too. A Glock handgun is fit for anyone. If you can point and shoot, you can use a Glock 17
  2. I have a Gen 1 17 and like the handle better on my Gen 4 19. I think Glock went backward with the Gen 5 with the handle/grip. IMO, the upgrades on the Gen 5 don't support the expense of buying a new gun. I'm wondering how much the Gen 4 19 can be upgraded. muddog15, May 18, 2018
  3. Rival Arms RA10G104A Precision Slide RMR Ready Compatible With Glock 17 Gen 4 17 $470.99 (Save 15%) $399.99 DPM Adjustable Recoil Rod Reducer System for Glock Gen 5 Boss 3 $138.00 (Save $11.50) $126.5

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  1. GLOCK Introduces the Long-Awaited 5th Generation of Glock 17 and Glock 19 Handguns. SMYRNA, GA. - GLOCK, Inc., introduced a new generation of confidence today with the launch of the G19 Gen5 and G17 Gen5 pistols.The Gen5 pistols feature over twenty design changes which distinguish them from their Gen4 predecessors
  2. When Glock unveiled the fifth generation Glock 19, you could virtually here the room deflate. It looks a bit like, well, it looks almost exactly like the outgoing model. Of course that means it's the same deal with the G17 5th Gen, which is the same gun apart from a slightly longer barrel and grip
  3. Glock 17 Gen 5 9mm FS MOS AMERIGLO Bold SIGHT BLUE LABEL PROGRAM. SKU: GLOCK-PA175S302MOSAB. GLOCK Safe Action® Pistols G17 Gen5 FS MOS With Ameriblast Sights. MOS version with Front Serations! (Optic Not Included) Caliber - 9 x 19 Mag. Capacity Standard - 17
  4. Just recently, Glock released their Gen 5 handguns with the Glock 19 and 17 models. As history has taught us, people either loved or hated the changes Glock made to the pistols. Externally, they removed the finger grooves, flared the bottom of the mag well, added an ion-bonded finish on the slide, rounded off the muzzle end of the slide.
  5. Addition of Gen 4 on the slide; Gen 4 Glock 17. Gen 5 Glocks (2017-Present) 17, 19, 19X, 26, 34, 43X, 45, 48. No finger grooves; Thumb rests; Flared magwell; Ambidextrous slide stop; Ambidextrous magazine release; Additional backstraps on all models except the 43X and 48; Gen 5 on the slide; Gen 5 Glock 17. About TALON Grips . Utilizing the.

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  1. The next generation of perfection, the Glock 17 Gen 5 features over 20 design changes that take some of the most widely used pistols worldwide to the next level. Notably, the Gen 5 Glocks feature a proprietary ion-bonded nDLC finish for increased durability, Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) with new rifling and crown for increased accuracy, no.
  2. UMAREX is the world's largest manufacturer of over-the-counter firearm replicas and the largest importer of air guns in Europe. Founded in 1972, the mid-sized company is now run by the second generation of the two founding families
  3. Glock Factory Magazine G17 G17L G19 G26 G34 Gen5 9mm Luger 17/rd (Pkg) and accessories exclusive to the Glock Generation 5 pistol lineup while maintaining the familiar feel and renowned performance that its legendary reputation was built upon. The Glock Gen5 Magazine is compatible with previous Glock Gens. NOTE: GLOCK MAGAZINES CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO LOAD WHE
  4. Same for Glock Gen 4 owners! We also have Glock Gen 4 Rear Slide Plates, Custom Glock Gen 4 Grip Plugs, and Glock Gen 4 Magazine Base Plates available. Orders over 19.99 ship for free - Same Day Shipping - 1.5% Back on every purchase you make on our retail site
  5. GLOCK ® produces a series of polymer-framed, short recoil, semi-automatic pistols through Austrian manufacturer GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Hogue HandALL ® Beavertail ™ rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky. Hogue grip sleeves provide a soft recoil absorbing feel without affecting accuracy. Hogue's modern rubber requires a completely different.

Gen 3 Glock Parts, Gen 4 Glock Parts, Gen 5 Glock Parts, Glock 43/43X/48 Parts, Glock Slides & Slide Parts, Barrels Glock OEM Barrels 17, 19, 34, 43/43X & 48 Rated 5.00 out of I carry my Glock 17 5th generation when I am off duty in a Glock Sport Combat Holster. The top of the slide closest to the rear sight started to rust. My large hands also can cause the gun to not go out of battery when I have an empty magazine. Other than that, the gun has been FANTASTIC Inside the GLOCK 17 Gen 5 Above is a view of the G17 Gen 5 next to a G34 Gen 4 (right). The order in the picture is a bit mixed up, but this is how it goes: 17 frame, 34 slide, 17 slide, and 34 frame Chambered in the common 9x19, the Glock 17 has earned it's high regard. For the 5th Generation, finger grooves were removed to better fit more shooters hands. Improved durability with a new finish, improved accuracy, and a flared magazine well are also improvements made over the previous generations *Best Glock 17 Gen 4 Concealed Carry Holster. First up on the list is a popular and simple Glock 17 Gen 4 concealed carry holster from Galco, called the Triton Kydex. This barebones IWB holster affords the carrier with a no-guesswork way to reliably and comfortably carry your Glock 17 for long periods of time

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If you are looking for My Glock 27 And Glock 17 5th Gen GLOCK 17 Gen 3 9mm Pistol Review. Update 2019: This GLOCK 17 review is written about a 3rd generation model. The 3rd gen G17 is not so different from the 5th generation of guns produced today. A few features have been added, a few minor changes made. It remains a flagship pistol of the GLOCK company. This is the pistol that started it all These brand new OEM factory Glock slides are available in Gen 3, 4 & 5 as well as stripped or complete. Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 19X, Glock 34 & Glock 45 slides are available. Even the Glock Gen 4 & 5 MOS slide. All MOS slides will include all 4 mounting plates and hardware regardless of whether you select the stripped or complete configuration

Glock 43 (4th Gen) Glock 38 (4th Gen) Glock 17 (5th Gen) Glock 19 (5th Gen) Glock 19X (5th Gen) Glock 22 (5th Gen) Glock 23 (5th Gen) Glock 26 (5th Gen) Glock 27 (5th Gen) Glock 34 (5th Gen) Glock 43X (5th Gen) Glock 45 (5th Gen) Glock 48 (5th Gen) Glock 19X; Glock 45; OZ9 Compac

Test Shoot the entire Glock Gen 5 Range for just R299.00. The Glock Shop is offering this brilliant deal for would be Glock Gen 5 buyers. Book a R299 Glock Experience online and come in and shoot a Glock 17 Gen 5/Glock 19 Gen 5/ Glock 26 Gen 5/Glock 34 Gen 5. Hey, while you're here why not test out the slimline Glock 43 as well Replica of model Glock 17 GEN.5 [WE-G001VB-TAN] with a sand polymer frame and a metal slide from WE. The most widespread variant of the basic pistol G17 in the full-size version. Like any GBB pistols has, among other things realistic disassembly, functional bolt catch (in this case double-sided) and a SAFE lever The 5th Gen G17 is the one that had a significant redesign internal wise since it used this same locking block now also. I'm holding out for the 19 whatever it is going to be called. I'm not sure it will called the 19x as I have heard it will be closer to the 5th Gen G17 frame than the current 19X frame

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OWB Kydex Holster Fit: Glock 19 19x / Glock 23 25 32 / Glock 17 22 31 / Glock 26 27 30s (Gen 1-5) - Outside Waistband Carry 1.5-2 Inch Belt Clip - Adj. Width Height Retention Cant, Entrance Widened 4.4 out of 5 stars 11 The GLOCK 17 Gen4 is just as popular and sought-after as the original, and is used by the British Army and many others. $169.95 GLOCK G18C GEN 3 GBB 6mm Black Airsoft Pistol : Umarex - Elite Forc Like all test guns, I pulled the Gen5 Glock 17 out of the box, removed the packing grease, and lubricated the gun using Lucas Gun oil and grease. The test lasted from September 5th, 2017 until November 2nd, over that time the gun fired 7 different brands of ammo, was used in the latter half of an Ernest Langdon class I attended, and was also my. glock 17 Gen 4 glock 17 Holster glock 17 Magazine glock 17 Sights glock 17 Slide Glock 17 For Sale. Need Help Filtering Safariland 57883412 578 GLS Pro-Fit Medium For Glock 17/22 Synt $ 44.00. Free FedEx Option* (0) LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Sight For Glock 17 22 31 $ 239.00. Free FedEx Option* (1

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Glock 17 (4th Gen) Glock 17 (5th Gen) Glock 19 (4th Gen) Glock 19 (5th Gen) Glock 19X; Glock 22 (4th Gen) Glock 22 (5th Gen) Glock 23 (4th Gen) Glock 23 (5th Gen glock 10.01.2020 Glock 17 Gen5 for France: the Pistolet Automatique de Nouvelle Génération (PANG) GLOCK is being awarded a government contract after the other. After the contract with the Portuguese Army, we can now announce that the French Armed Forces will also purchase the fifth generation GLOCK 17 in 9mm Luger These are factory original, drop-free magazines for your factory Glock handgun. Factory Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in high tech polymer. This polymer coating protects the magazine and prevents deformation, even when dropped from a great heightNOTE: GLOCK MAGAZINES CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO LOAD WHEN NEW. OFTEN THE LAST ROUND WILL NOT FIT UNTIL THE MAGAZINE HAS. Glock 19 is effectively a reduced-size Glock 17; it is called the Compact by the manufacturer.The Glock 19 has a shorter barrel (by about half an inch) and pistol grip compared to the Glock 17. Since it is a smaller gun, it is more popular for concealed-carry uses. Both these semi-automatic pistols use 9mm cartridges and were designed by Gaston Glock

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Glock G 45 R 12,765.00 including VAT Add to basket; Glock G 45 MOS R 14,697.00 including VAT Add to basket; Glock 19X R 13,869.00 including VAT Add to basket; Glock 19 Gen 5 R 13,300.00 including VAT Add to basket; Glock 19 Gen 4 R 10,292.50 including VAT Read more; Glock 19C Gen 4 Sale! R 11,999.00 R 11,450.00 including VAT Read more; Glock 19. This came on the heels of Glock landing major new Federal Law Enforcement and Military contracts over the winter and spring months for both the model 17 and 19 alike. As with the Generation 4 pistols, I tested them extensively and really liked the new upgrades from the Gen 3 and even Gen 4 pistols On August 26, Glock, Inc. released the new Gen 5 G17 and G19 to the world. That same day we purchased a Glock 19 off the shelf here in the Phoenix area and set to work doing what Apex does best. Just 12 days later, we shared a video of the Gen 5 Glock 19 with the prototype of our new Apex trigger installed The Glock 19 Gen 3 was the most popular HAM air pistol review of 2019. Now, Umarex is capitalizing on this success by announcing a new Glock G17 Gen 5 pellet pistol. It will be at the 2020 SHOT Show next week. Glock fans will be delighted! The Glock 17 Gen 5 carried a set of new features for its generation

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My new G17 Gen5 came with three 17 round mags but I wanted a few extra so I spent some time looking around and CDNN had the best price (that I found) for genuine factory Glock mags for $19.88 each TTI Ultimate Glock Gen 5/Glock 43 Trigger Return Spring $4.99. Add To Cart. Customers also viewed. JW Combat Master Package. $1,499.99. Choose Options. Combat Master Package. $1,299.99. Choose Options. Glock Performance Package. $699.99. Choose Options. Base Pad For Glock 19/23 OEM 9/40 Magazines. $34.99. Choose Options. Slide Cuts. $649.99 Looked at the Gen 4 and 5 side by side. Pulled the trigger on each and no contest the 5 has a way smoother easier trigger pull. I am a retied LEO and carried a Sig 226 at work for many years. Now working a part time security job and carry a Gen 3 17. After tomorrow and the range it may be the 19. I went with the Glock originally because of the.

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The same but better. That's the impression given about Glock's new fifth generation of pistols — the G17 and G19 Gen 5 — released Friday at an industry trade show in Milwaukee We asked about Gen5 threaded barrels, but Glock says none are available. It appears that Gen4 G19 threaded barrels may work, but not for the G17 due to the new locking arrangement. The Gen5 barrels can't be swapped with Gen4 or any previous generation. In order to simplify agency parts procurement, both the Gen5 17 and 19 share a locking block

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More than 8 years after the first versions of the Gen4, GLOCK launched the new 5th generation of pistols. The most obvious difference to the Gen3 and Gen4 is the lack of finger grooves. As representative of the new generation, our testers chose the GLOCK 34 MOS. As usual, the model 34 is the slightly extended sports version of the GLOCK 17 Complete Factory Glock Frames. Sort By: Quick view Compare Out of stock. G22 / 40 RTF2 Rough Texture Frame Gen 3 Complete Frame / Lower G19 / 9mm RTF2 Rough Texture Frame Gen 3 Complete Frame / Lower. $150.00. Quick view Compare Out of stock. Quick view Compare Out of stock. G19X / 9mm Gen 5 Lower Frame Complete. Advantage Arms GLOCK 17/22 Gen 3 .22 Long Rifle Rimfire Conversion Kit 10 Round Advantage Arms GLOCK 17/22 Gen 3 .22 Long Rifle Ri... Our Low Price $303.96 QuickView DeSantis Sof-Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster for GLOCK 17, 22/Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 4.25..

Sneak photo of the 4th Gen Glock -The Firearm BlogPin on Guns & StuffZev Technologies Z17 Orion Stripped Slide with RMR PlateStippling Price List — CW GunwerksGlock 18 Factory 33 Round Mags-New 5th Gen For Sale at

ZEV Tech Duty Stripped Slide Glock 17 Gen 5 RMR Cut MPN: SLD-Z17-5G-DUTY-RMR-BLK. Out of Stock. Price: $284.00. 2 models ZEV Technologies Orion Stripped Slide Glock 34 Gen 5 RMR Cut MPN: SLD-Z34-5G-ORION-RMR. Out of Stock. Price: $448.00. 2 models ZEV Tech Citadel Stripped Slide Glock 19 Gen 5 RMR Cut MPN: SLD-Z19-5G-CIT-RMR Glock 17 Gen 3 (Austria) 9X19 NIB, 4 1/2 bbl, blued finish, white outline notch rear sight, white dot front sight, and two 10 round magazines. Add 3% for Credit Card Shipping $25.0Click for more inf I have not bought a 5th gen g19 yet... The RTF release made me hold off on the gen 5 . quantico, Oct 14, 2017. quantico, Oct 14, 2017. Oct 14, 2017 #17 . curlysir. Only one to my 17.5. I added the Glock OEM 8794 Extended Magazine Release It's a must have for me in competition . Buckshot Barry, Oct 14, 2017. Buckshot Barry, Oct 14, 2017 Glock 17 5th Gen Review And Glock 17 9mm 17 Round Magazine For Sale Get SPECIAL OFFER and cheap Price for Glock 17 5th Gen Review And Glock 17 9mm 17 Round Mag For Glock 17 22 31 (Gen 3/4/5) Level 2 OWB Paddle Holster w Quick Release Button. $24.99. IWB Soft Leather Holster Houston - You'll Forget You're Wearing It! Choose Model. $18.99. Blackhawk Level 2 SERPA Holster for Pistol w/ Xiphos Light. $9.99. was - $16.23 | 38% OFF Home » Magazine » CONCEALMENT 8 » 5th Gen Glock. CONCEALMENT 8. 5th Gen Glock. Dave Merrill. Join the Conversation. In some instances this can be solved with a file or Dremel (on the holster), and 17/19M holsters already exist in the wild. The removal of finger grooves throws it back to the Gen2, whereas the flared magwell screams 2017

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